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Live scores



5 Waroona def by South Mandurah
5 Hillman def by White Knights Baldivis
5 Warnbro Swans Cricket Club def by Mandurah
5 Pinjarra def Shoalwater Bay
5 Halls Head def Singleton Irwinians
4 White Knights Baldivis drew Warnbro Swans Cricket Club
4 South Mandurah drew Hillman
4 Waroona drew Pinjarra
4 Shoalwater Bay drew Singleton Irwinians
4 Halls Head drew Mandurah
3 Singleton Irwinians def by Waroona
3 Pinjarra def Hillman
3 Warnbro Swans Cricket Club def by South Mandurah
3 Mandurah def White Knights Baldivis
3 Shoalwater Bay def Halls Head
1 Brandon Burt114A Grade: Wyllie Cup1
2 Daniel Cook105A Grade: Wyllie Cup1
3 Ben Drummond103A Grade: Wyllie Cup5
4 Jayden Derosa94A Grade: Wyllie Cup1
5 Michael Holmes83A Grade: Wyllie Cup1
6 Jayden Derosa80A Grade: Wyllie Cup2
7 Ben Drummond77A Grade: Wyllie Cup3
8 Jeremy Leatherbarrow76A Grade: Wyllie Cup2
9 Darren Austin72A Grade: Wyllie Cup3
10 Michael T Chappell72A Grade: Wyllie Cup5
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